SPL Acquires American Measurement Services


In an effort to build a brand of energy-focused expertise for the oil and gas industry, SPL continues to pursue opportunities for growth across all facets of our business.  Our most recent acquisition of American Measurement Services, LLC expands our ability to provide the best service possible and creates a more comprehensive coverage area to meet the growing needs of the Oklahoma basins and surrounding areas.

Over the last 20 years, Jack Allen, Jim Richert, and their 8 employees, have built the Meno based business to become one of the leading measurement service companies in Oklahoma.  AMS brings years of experience and a competent and knowledgeable team already familiar with the market and the clients in the area.

“Their experience and customer base are an ideal fit with SPL and we look forward to growing the business by adding the breadth of field, lab, and allocation services that we bring to the market,” said Ian Milne, CEO.  “In combining AMS's business with the footprint that we already have in Duncan and Kingfisher, we believe that SPL is very-well positioned to support the traditional Oklahoma and newer SCOOP and STACK basins.”

Under the SPL brand, the Meno facility will continue to offer measurement related services, while expanding into allocations and additional analytical services.