Southern Petroleum Labs Shortens Name, Sharpens Image

SPL Announces Rebrand

Houston, TX, November 03, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ – Now simply known as “SPL,” the 70-year-old provider of hydrocarbon data services has grown into more than just a lab. To better reflect the company of today, the newly re-branded SPL now sports a new look and website, as well as some exciting offerings that help operators ensure hydrocarbon data integrity throughout the entire hydrocarbon lifecycle. The company’s rebrand does not include any change in management or ownership.

Founded in 1944, SPL originally made a name for itself as just a well testing service and petroleum laboratory. Today the company brings superior credibility and comprehensiveness, helping operators enhance measurement accuracy, streamline hydrocarbon analysis and improve reporting precision on a field-wide basis.

“When you’ve been around as long as we have, brand adaptation is inevitable from time to time,” said Ian Milne, SPL’s Chief Executive Officer. “Over the years, SPL has strategically added expertise and capabilities so that now we bring objective third-party support to ANY part of the hydrocarbon lifecycle—not just lab work. This is a positive evolution of the brand, and a milestone in the company’s history of which I’m honored to be a part.”

Along with the company’s rename and rebrand comes the launch of a new service offering: SPL Total Confidence™.  The SPL Total Confidence™ program delivers total lifecycle measurement, analysis and reporting of hydrocarbon data on a turnkey basis—ensuring end-to-end accuracy from the wellhead to the point of sale. This service will enable an operator to outsource 100 percent of its hydrocarbon data functionality, from field measurements to lab and allocation, all via a single objective third party. “We saved one major operator millions through this new service in a single field alone,” said Milne. “There are thousands of ways an operator can lose confidence in hydrocarbon data. By simplifying and standardizing the stewardship of this mission-critical information, The SPL Total Confidence™ delivers a whole new level of operational and financial assurance.”

About SPL:

Established in 1944, SPL was one of the first major suppliers to service the exploration & production, petrochemical, refining, pipeline and retail markets with petroleum and environmental testing services. Today, SPL is recognized globally as an industry leader in hydrocarbon production measurement, analysis, reporting, and project management services. The company has performed work throughout the United States as well as international markets that include the China Sea, Kuwait, Libya, Mexico, Peru, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. Learn more at

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