AFS to Host Flow Assurance and Production Chemistry Workshop

Tony Spratt and Jacqueline Vinicombe, together with Memorial University SPE Student chapter and Nalco Champion, will be holding a one-day workshop in St. John’s on June 22, 2018 following the annual Noia conference. The seminar focuses on lessons learned, case studies, and field applications related to production chemistry and flow assurance challenges in the oil and gas industry.

The workshop presents an opportunity not only for those interested in learning more but for industry folks with vested interests in flow assurance to commune, share lessons learned across a range of projects, and to spark engaging conversations about local challenges either current or anticipated.

Topics will also include the fundamentals (asphaltenes, wax, hydrates, scale, corrosion, rheology/emulsions), lab testing, modeling, and remediation/mitigation strategies. And, since hands-on exposure is a great way to learn and to stimulate discussion, the seminar includes a laboratory component with examples such as how to screen for asphaltenes, and oil/water emulsion analysis.