About NoWrap

Science You Can Count On

As the largest and fastest-growing, independent, outsourced TIC services provider across the energy value chain, SPL has set the standard in both technology and processes for decades. Known as one of the world’s most credible sources of unbiased third-party hydrocarbon insights, we talk about The Science of Sure a lot. This is much more than a tagline, it is the foundation for everything that we do for customers every day.

Cutting-edge digital solutions

We have built the best labs and service centers in the world, which are complemented with state-of-the-art technology and patented software. Beyond our facilities we are enabling companies just like yours to step into the future with a fully digital experience. You can count on:

  • SureVue mobile app offers real-time access to the status of your sample, from receipt through the analytical process. It provides direct access to your sample reports and allows data trending to be completed in the palm of your hands.
  • SureChem one-of-a-kind laboratory management system developed specifically to optimize your Hydrocarbon Analysis Business.
  • SurePhase allocation software helps you avoid allocation inaccuracies with rock-solid defensible data and ensure API Chapter 20 compliance.


Meticulous procedures

We’ve been at this a long time, and have mastered the process—from testing to presenting the results. In fact, our scientists have created best practices, which are widely utilized throughout the industry.

  • Tested standard operating procedures (SOP). All our lab techs and on-site measurement techs follow specific rules and guidelines. Plus, we regularly audit the SOPs to ensure we’re making necessary improvements.
  • ISO accreditation. We work hard to meet our customer satisfaction, production, and environmental objectives.
  • Zero contaminants.Unlike other companies, we conduct extensive cleaning of cylinders before each test, ensuring the integrity of your measurement.


Highly qualified personnel

We have more certified field techs than any other company, and we’re sending only the best people to your location. Plus, with more than 200 field technicians at strategic locations across the U.S, we have the resources to handle your field measurements, no matter where you’re located or the size of your business.


You can count on:

  • Intensively trained staff. Our team is committed to safety, integrity, innovation, and service throughout every step of the process and understand the complexities of our customers’ systems.
  • We’ll take care of every step, from procuring the sample to documenting the results, taking the pressure off you to do so.
  • Unbroken chain of custody. Never worry about what happens to your samples as they travel from the field to the lab.
  • Accurate, timely data. Our customers sleep well at night knowing that when they receive your analytical results and certificates of analysis the data we provide is accurate, defensible, and timely.



What does all this mean?

You can have full confidence in the data.