Measurement Services

Meter Settlements

Experienced technicians help ensure that meters are operating properly and providing accurate and defensible data to meet contractual and regulatory obligations.

With teams in every major area of operation in the energy sector, who are trained on all meter types and every major brand of EFM, SPL can perform a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Installation, repair, and maintenance of electronic measurement systems and chart recorders
  • Meter verification and calibration
  • Meter proving (on-site, off-site, and master meter)
  • Data collection and measurement calculations


Sample Collection

Errors during the sample collection stage cause some of the most common inaccuracies in measurement and allocations. SPL’s certified measurement technicians ensure that representative gas and liquid samples are collected, in accordance with API and GPA standards.


Well Testing

Well testing experts use highly accurate digital processes to determine the precise flow rate, pressure, and gas-to-oil ratio (GOR) of our customers’ wells to support reservoir management capabilities and the well allocation process.


Meter Tube Inspection and Cleaning

Starting fresh every time a sample is collected is key to accurate measurements. SPL offers complete meter tube inspection and cleaning services, with thorough procedures and processes that ensure compliance with the BLM Measurement Rules (43 CFR 3175).