In the oil and gas industry, errors and flaws in both processes and data can cause millions in lost revenue.

Because of the infinite ways that these problems can arise, they often go undetected and uncorrected, causing discrepancies in reported data and often result in overcharges or under-credited revenue.  To ensure the integrity of good data, it is imperative that your systems and processes are regularly audited by qualified technical experts.

With the documented review process conducted by SPL, you can protect your financial investments and have confidence that your data is correct.  Our auditing team provides an independent, non-biased review of your controls and systems, identifies any existing problems, and offers solutions for correcting them.  We also identify non-compliance with industry standards and can help develop methodology that streamlines processes for maximum efficiency and accuracy.

Field Measurement Auditing

We can define issues that negatively impact performance and quantify biases and uncertainties associated with each issue.  You can trust in the recommendations that we provide for correcting system and procedure deficiencies as well as estimates of financial impact.

Lab Auditing

With observations and assessments based on experience and documented industry standards, you get recommendations that you can be confident are correct.  Our experts not only identify errors and potential risks, but also provide preventative measures that can help ensure that your results will be accurate.

Production Allocation Auditing

Reduce your interfacing logistics and costs while maximizing the efficiencies of production operations over the life of your project.  Let us identify activities that may result in diffrent values between systems used to capture volumes. We can also document operational and measurement techniques and practices, while explaining potential issues that may result in volume variances between steps in the process.