In the energy industry, errors and flaws in processes and data can cause millions in lost revenue. Because of the infinite ways that these problems can arise, they often go undetected and uncorrected, causing discrepancies in reported data. These errors can often result in overcharges or under-credited revenue.

To help ensure the integrity of good data, it is imperative that your systems and processes are regularly audited by qualified, technical experts.

SPL’s technical experts regularly conduct documented reviews to help protect your financial investments and have confidence that your data is correct. Our auditing team provides an independent, non-biased review of your controls and systems, identifies any existing problems, and offers solutions for correcting them. We also identify non-compliance with industry standards and governmental regulations, such as the new BLM Site Security and Measurement Rules.

Auditing Services Include:

  • Lab auditing
  • Field measurement auditing
  • Production allocation auditing