Production Accounting

More than any other provider in the industry, SPL has allocations down to a science—ensuring fair and equitable allocations across the asset.

Whether you are performing an allocation with our one-of-kind allocation software or are working with our team of experts as they perform allocations on your behalf, SPL ensures rock-solid, defensible data on true asset volume and composition that minimizes risk exposure and gives you more control over operational and financial performance.

Improving the accuracy of allocation can aid operators in:

  • Protecting themselves from costly litigation with interest owners
  • Helping ensure compliance with the various regulatory parties
  • Monitoring and managing field production data
  • Estimating production volumes for the purpose of field simulation and reservoir management



Cloud-based, SOC-compliant allocation software can now be uploaded onto your computer, so you have SPL’s extensive allocation experience at your fingertips. This is the first allocation software that incorporates phase behavior, providing component-based allocations across mixed products and helps ensure compliance with the latest industry standards and governmental regulations.