Real-Time Access

SPL’s SureVue service provides real-time access to your sample data through an app on your hand-held mobile device, which allows you to:


  • Record sample collection data and send it electronically to the SPL laboratory as soon as it is entered
  • Track your samples from collection to reporting
  • Access your sample reports online as soon as analyses are published by SPL
  • Quickly view historical trends and compare against current sample reports to validate and manage exceptions
  • Leverage automatic approval of reports that meet user-defined validation criteria
  • Receive alerts when sample reports are outside of validation criteria
  • Ensure your sampling program meets regulatory compliance



SPL is excited to announce their client portal. The secure, online portal will provide real-time access to the status of your sample from receipt through the analytical process. Access reports as soon as they are available from any browser, on any device, from anywhere in the world.