Optimize production and marketability efforts with analytical intelligence from the experts.

With a vast network of lab and field capabilities, SPL has the capacity to process hydrocarbon samples from all over the globe. Focused on offering customers the most precise and accurate results, SPL offers the expertise of more than 50 chemical analysts, 250 available tests, advanced and hard-to-find lab equipment to:

  • Optimize operations with a detailed understanding of the crude oil, condensates, and gas that is being produced
  • Feel confident that gatherer and transporter specifications, as well as governmental regulations, are being met
  • Receive reliable balances and allocations with accurate compositions, quality, and physical properties to ensure optimal planning, marketing, settlements, and reporting.


Operators and producers rely on accurate analytical data to design systems, manage reservoirs, and deliver products on time and on spec. SPL specializes in collaborating with our customers on a consultative basis, providing custom test packages for the following analytical services:

  • Crude oil analysis
  • Condensate analysis
  • Gas analysis