Finished Product Testing Services

For precise compositional data on fuels, fluids, and lubricants, rely on the Alcor Petrolab team to deliver.

With more than 500 standard test methods available and the ability to create customized methods and instruments to meet your specific needs, you can be assured to receive the most comprehensive analytical services available.  Our continually-expanding range of test methods includes ASTM, SAE, ISO, EN, FTM, and MilSpecs.  We specialize in supporting R&D programs and manufacturing quality control for base oil producers, additive manufacturers, and lubricant manufacturers.

  • Get quick turnaround for full certification on refined fuels and reduce refinery downtime and pipeline transit delays.
  • Meet industry standards, comply with government regulations, and save revenue with quality assurance testing.
  • Accelerate your R&D program, increase manufacturing throughput, and save money with rapid turnaround on your analytical data.

Liquid Fuels Analysis

Refineries, pipelines, terminal operators, and fuel distributors rely on accurate analytical data on liquid fuels for certification and quality control purposes.  From gasoline and diesel to kerosene and rocket propellant —and everything in between, you get precise results to help identify product contamination or degradation so that you can maximize equipment performance.

Refined Fuels & Lubricants Analysis

With an extensive range of capabilities including turbine oilhydraulic fluidmilitary lubricantsheat transfer fluid, and lubricant greases, and some of the most experienced analysts in the industry, you can be confident that you will receive total analytical accuracy.

Contaminated Fuels Analysis

Equipment wear and damage in vehicles and generators caused by fuel and fluid contamination can cause costly repairs and downtime.  Fleet owners, heavy equipment operators, and other businesses that require testing on diesel, gasoline, oil, coolants, and hydraulic fluids can depend on Alcor Petrolab to identify such contaminants and minimize repair costs and downtime.

Certificates of Analysis

Behind every certificate of analysis issued by Alcor Petrolab is a dedicated team of field personnel that ensures a reliable chain of custody—and quality laboratory analysis that substantiates the true composition of every sample.