Production Allocation

From well sales at all levels (upstream, midstream, and downstream), each of the markets have unique requirements for allocating and reporting.  By utilizing multi-tiered allocations, we are able to allocate well production all the way to sales at a downstream market.

  • In the upstream market, product allocations can be performed on daily or monthly frequencies, processing volume and energy; reporting results can be at a well level or at a working interest level. 
  • In the midstream market, individual inputs/results from upstream and downstream allocations are used to affect gathering system allocations.  These system-wide allocations utilize the latest techniques to accurately predict and allocate phase change (gas to liquid/liquid to gas) in the pipeline, identify effects of commingling dissimilar products, and ensure accurate results for use in all accounting, marketing, transportation, and production segments.
  • In the downstream market, allocation of natural gas liquids at a gas plant is fair and equitable by ensuring that the data from upstream and midstream is allocated at a component level.

Our allocation team helps you uncover true well-by-well production by:

  • Performing pre-allocation in-depth gathering and validation of production and sales data which ensures that we get it right the first time, every time
  • Applying advanced process simulation modeling, as well as advanced regression analysis and data management
  • Consulting with you to ensure that all allocation programs, processes, and protocols are in compliance with contracts
  • Troubleshooting specific instances of potential inaccuracy and advising on the best course of action

Don’t wait until potential allocation inaccuracies compound into costly problems. Call SPL today at (877) 775-5227 to schedule a meeting with one of our allocation specialists and get true production allocation down to a science.