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Optimize oil and gas production and marketability efforts with analytical intelligence from the experts.

Our focus is on making the complicated easy so that you can make decisions quickly, spending your time on what you do best.

Few businesses are more demanding than the energy industry. Our technology can help you solve your most pressing operational and design challenges, from improving workflow efficiency to displaying complex data with simple visualization to creating custom software to address a specific problem.

SPL is uniquely positioned to provide the tools and analysis required to uncover and deploy solutions to whatever issues and opportunities we uncover together with its custom mix of laboratory capabilities and inspection knowledge.


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Optimize oil and gas production and marketability efforts with analytical intelligence from the experts.

With 29 locations nationwide, SPL has the capacity to process hydrocarbon samples from all over the globe, offering our customers the most precise and accurate results for their valuable assets with the expertise of more than 50 chemical analysts, 250 available tests, advanced and hard-to-find lab equipment. We also specialize in working with our customers on a consultative basis, providing custom test packages for the following analytical services:


Sampling Accuracy

Get a solid sample every time, and true insight into crude oil quality and composition, with an advanced crude oil analysis from one of the most trusted names in the business.

Precise Analysis

Pinpoint the precise quality and composition of condensate assets with highly accurate custom analysis packages from the industry innovator in condensate analysis.


Streamlined Processes

Streamline the analytical testing process for natural gas and natural gas liquid (NGL) assets from the leading industry experts in natural gas and NGL analysis.


“SPL is unique because you can find out about your fluids in the lab and then see how it translates into flow assurance issues (and opportunities). These guys actually walk you through and help you understand the lab studies. Then they help you develop a plan.”

- Jason Harry, Senior Subsea Engineer, Hess Corporation

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