Beyond simulations, insights to improve your business

Anyone can run models, but we focus on providing answers through the entire project lifecycle to improve your bottom line.

SPL understands fluids—from both a hands-on and from a theoretical perspective. Thus, whether it is determining if pipeline sizes will be appropriate for all potential operating conditions, understanding system transient behavior, mitigating production chemistry risks, or providing operating guidelines to improve efficiency, we can utilize our understanding to provide discerning solutions.

To provide you with the solutions and decision-making input you require, SPL is uniquely positioned to provide industry leading insights through its custom mix of laboratory capabilities and technology solutions.

SPL Engineering Modeling & Analysis

Flow Assurance Analysis
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Steady State
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Multiphase Flow
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Owner’s Engineering
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Providing actionable solutions to technical questions

As energy projects increase in complexity, understanding fluid flow behavior is crucial to creating an appropriate design. After systems begin operation, new challenges can arise which require operational or design modifications to improve real world operating conditions.

Every project is unique. We communicate frequently to ensure we thoroughly understand your system and your distinct operating constraints. When providing results, we minimize the technical jargon and focus on providing answers to your specific questions.

In any case, the outcome is the same: impartial, efficient, reliable, and actionable insights you can use immediately to fix problems, prevent them from happening, or become more efficient, profitable, safe, and sustainable.


“Imagine your house and all your water pipes. SPL does things like telling you how big the pipe needs to be into your shower, based on the water pressure that the city supplies on its system. Based on the pressure at the wellhead, SPL runs simulations of how a network of field operations will interact over a period of years to spot potential problems.”

- Jep Bracey, Global Flow Assurance Engineering Manager, BHP (retired)

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