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Inspection Services

Outsource your automation, measurement, and sampling operations with Total ConfidenceTM

Our team has a comprehensive understanding of the requirements for meeting today’s complicated custody transfer and allocation measurement for gas and liquid hydrocarbons.

Your meters are the cash registers of your organization. Accurate and defensible measurement data is crucial in meeting contractual obligations and regulatory compliance. Whether it is routine gas meter verifications and calibrations or liquid meter provings, SPL can help maximize confidence in your measurements when meter inspections are performed.  

Metrology Services

With teams in every major area of operation in the energy sector, who are trained on all meter types and every major brand of EFM, SPL can perform a comprehensive range of services, including:


When relying on SPL for inspection services, you receive:

Flow Assurance Analysis
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high-quality measurements
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Automation expertise
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knowledge of industry standards
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Governmental Compliance
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Providing actionable solutions to technical questions

As energy projects increase in complexity, understanding fluid flow behavior is crucial to creating an appropriate design. After systems begin operation, new challenges can arise which require operational or design modifications to improve real world operating conditions.

Every project is unique. We communicate frequently to ensure we thoroughly understand your system and your distinct operating constraints. When providing results, we minimize the technical jargon and focus on providing answers to your specific questions.


“SPL is unique because you can find out about your fluids in the lab and then see how it translates into flow assurance issues (and opportunities). These guys actually walk you through and help you understand the lab studies. Then they help you develop a plan.”

- Jason Harry, Senior Subsea Engineer, Hess Corporation

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