Metrology Services

Meter Settlements

Experienced technicians help ensure that meters are operating properly and providing accurate and defensible data to meet contractual and regulatory obligations.

With teams in every major area of operation in the energy sector, who are trained on all meter types and every major brand of EFM, SPL can perform a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Installation, repair, and maintenance of electronic measurement systems and chart recorders
  • Meter verification and calibration
  • Meter proving (on-site, off-site, and master meter)
  • Data collection and measurement calculations

Sample Collection

SPL has vast experience with all methods of spot sampling. We can install, operate, and maintain composite sampling systems and on-line GCs. We also have a fleet of portable GCs that can provide fast and accurate analysis on-location. SPL can also provide in-field testing for vapor pressure. Errors during the sample collection stage cause some of the most common inaccuracies in measurement and allocations. SPL’s certified measurement technicians ensure that representative gas and liquid samples are collected, in accordance with industry standard and regulatory requirements. All analysis are easily accessible to our clients via SPL’s industry leading SureSuite applications.

Meter Tube Inspection and Cleaning

Accurate orifice measurement requires maintaining a clean and clear pipe wall. SPL offers visual inspection services that allow the interior of the meter run to be observed without removing it from service. If issues are found SPL also has the resources to clean and recalibrate the meter in compliance with API and BLM Gas Measurement Rules (43 CFR 3175).

Liquid Meter Proving

Custody Transfer Meter Proving

Qualified meter proving technicians operate both traditional and state-of-the-art equipment that will handle all your proving needs in an efficient, accurate, safe, and cost-effective manner.

Our fleet includes both conventional bi-directional ball provers and small volume captive displacement piston provers. We have the capability to handle flow rates up to 5000 bph with equipment rated as high as ANSI 900.

Our fleet routinely handles both refined product and in-field LACT service as well as transloading. We handle products as diverse as paraffin wax with 120°F pour point to NGL service.

Allocation Meter Proving

For those instances where process, economics, and practicality prohibit the use of displacement proving, our fleet includes a range of master meters with qualified techs trained on troubleshooting and understanding the master meter process.

Our master meters are calibrated by a certified lab and, in many cases, proven against a displacement prover periodically before being used in a direct method. In this way, you can be assured that our master meters are high precision transfer standards.

Our master meters range from 1” – 4” in size and generally handle flow rates up to 2,000 bph.

Instrumentation and Control System Management

Flow Computers

This is the “Cash Register” of any measurement system. It is important that you have it configured properly by programmers that understand measurement first. This is our specialty! As measurement experts your Flow Computer will always be set up with measurement being the #1 goal. We have worked with many different Flow Computers over the years, including:

  • ABB – Spirit Flow Computer
  • Emerson – ROC 800
  • Omni – 3000/6000 Flow Computers
  • FMC – Accuload and Microload family of preset loading Flow Computers

System Design

Complete system design from concept to start up. We have designed and built many different systems from the ground up.

Start Up Service

We off start up and commissioning on automated measurement systems, whether big or small.

Field Service

We have electrical licensed, master electricians and journeyman electricians on staff to design and install electrical systems from 480VAC down to 12CVDC.

System Integration

Flow Computers, Meters, Transmitters and other equipment from different manufacturers can be extremely difficult to integrate into a system that is already functioning as it was designed to. We have experience using analog, pulse and communication protocols like Modbus — we can engineer the integration to make your system work like it should.

Control Panels

We custom deign and build electrical and PLC control panels.

Automation Controller (PLC/PAC) Programming

Service, Upgrades or complete PLC/PAC Programming from scratch. PLC Brands that we have experience with and the software available:

  • Allen Bradley – All Processors
  • SCADAPak – All Processors
  • Siemens – S7-1200 and LOGO!
  • AutomationDirect – Click, Productivity Series and BRX
  • ABB RTU’s
  • ROC 800 RTU’s

HMI Programming

Custom HMI design and implementation of many different manufactures of HMI systems, including:

  • Allen Bradley – Factory Talk View ME and SE
  • Red Lion – Crimson Software
  • Bejier
  • AutomationDirect
  • Maple Systems

Terminal Loading Automation Software

With over 30 years of experience with Loading Terminals, we have worked with many of the top Terminal Automation Systems over the years. This automation applies to both crude oil and salt water.
We understand these systems and can help you pick a system based on your needs.

Environmental and Safety Systems

We automate safety systems for pressure, level, flows, and air quality. We also provide burner management and flare monitoring.

Measurement Device Repair and Retrofitting

SPL provides a wide array of service and repairs on measurement devices for our clients. We service and repair liquid and gas meters along with providing service and programming on devices.

We are also very hands-on with retrofit projects that are heavily focused on measurement.

Well Testing

Well testing experts use highly accurate digital processes to determine the precise flow rate, pressure, and gas-to-oil ratio (GOR) of our customers’ wells to support reservoir management capabilities and the well allocation process.