Solutions to illuminate exceptional decisions

Our focus is on making the complicated easy so that you can make decisions quickly, spending your time on what you do best.

Few businesses are more demanding than the energy industry. Our technology can help you solve your most pressing operational and design challenges, from improving workflow efficiency to displaying complex data with simple visualization to creating custom software to address a specific problem.

SPL is uniquely positioned to provide the tools and analysis required to uncover and deploy solutions to whatever issues and opportunities we uncover together with its custom mix of laboratory capabilities and engineering knowledge.

SPL Technology Solutions & Support

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Data Science
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Modern intelligence for your operations

Improve operational efficiency with AFS Auto, our leading-edge proprietary software platform that provides real-time, actionable insights to inform data-driven decision making.

AFS Auto complements existing systems and instrumentation with a custom mix of data visualization, production management, and advanced predictive modeling capabilities. And as with all our services, AFS Auto is built on years of experience in flow assurance and online systems, marrying theoretical science with data analysis to identify challenges and uncover solutions that are rooted in both science and field behavior.

What’s more, AFS Auto integrates our extensive laboratory experience seamlessly, offering energy companies of all sizes industry-leading analysis.

It’s that easy.

In any case, the outcome is the same: impartial, efficient, reliable, and actionable insights you can use immediately to fix problems, prevent them from happening, or become more efficient, profitable, safe, and sustainable.


“The work that SPL does is high caliber. The people that they have are very good — great turnaround times, expertise, and professional delivery. Their insights and interpretation of results are concise and high-quality.”

- Mike Eaton, Facilities Engineering Advisor, Noble Midstream

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