Software intelligence. Operational Excellence.

AFS Auto combines world-class engineering and laboratory expertise with modern software to provide critical, actionable insights for operators.

Context is Everything

Energy is all we do. With our engineering expertise and laboratory capabilities, AFS Auto is tailor-made to deliver the results operators care about.

Maximize Productivity
Manage Risk
Optimize Costs
Operate Safely
Demonstrate Compliance
Reduce Emissions

Modern, Intuitive & Actionable


User interfaces built on the latest tech convey the right takeaway message at a glance, and for the right audience: operator, engineer, or manager. Information shown is tailored to the challenge at hand, and the insights provided can be directly used to take action: improving operations and reducing risk.

Create your unique suite of operations management software, custom tailored to the specific needs of your asset. Pick and choose from our existing library, or work with us to create bespoke tools perfect for your individual challenges.

Better Intel, Better Operations


Identify patterns and insights hidden in vast quantities of process instrument data


Rapidly understand and communicate key values using powerful data visualization


Take action with specific, decision-augmenting intel and live recommendations

Secure Web Apps

Access your suite of operational intelligence tools from anywhere —quickly, easily, and safely

Real-Time Systems

Connection operational intelligence with a continuous process data feed for always-on actionable insights

High-Powered Modeling


Understand and predict process behavior using fundamental physics, powered by a unique symbolic equation-solving engine and a vast array of models specifically designed for energy industry challenges.

  • Asphaltene Deposition

  • Cooldown

  • Hydrates

  • Umbilical Flushing

  • Barrier Testing

  • Corrosion

  • Leak Detection

  • Water Hammer

  • Chemical Inhibition

  • Erosion

  • Pipeline Flow

  • Wax Deposition



Big Data & Machine Learning

Leverage the power of your own data to analyze performance and plan for the future with AI + analytics. Our data analysis and neural network technology saved a major operator $1M+ in CAPEX and OPEX by optimizing asphaltene remediation.

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