Environmental Laboratory and Field Services



Laboratory Services

Drinking Water

Ensuring the safety of the nation’s public water supply is critical. For decades, SPL has supported the public water systems, private water supplies, and bottled water supplies. Our experience and knowledge with drinking water allows us to provide you with the ability to know, with confidence, that the water you supply meets and/or exceeds all required regulatory guidelines.

SPL offers PFAS Testing and is included on the EPA’s approved list of laboratories for the Fifth Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule (UCMR5). This allows us to assist you in meeting the requirement to report PFOA and PFOS under UCMR5.


Proper treatment of wastewater, whether from municipal or industrial sources, is critical in ensuring that our nations waterways are safe. SPL offers analytical support to ensure you are meeting your discharge compliance obligations under municipal, state, and federal regulations.

Soil and Solid Waste

Through a broad scope of inorganic and organic soil and solid waste tests, SPL provides analytical needs for spills, supports ongoing remediation, and can classify wastes as hazardous or non-hazardous.

Air and Emissions

Our certified environmental laboratories provide analytical services to support adherence to federal and state permitting requirements. Ask for more information about the following analytical services we can provide:

  • permitting associated oil and gas production,
  • permitting needed for stationary engines, and
  • running your analysis for ambient air.

Field Services

Air and Water Sample Collection

SPL offers both air and water sample collection including: collection of wastewater via composite samplers, collection of wastewater via grab sampling, collection of stormwater samples, and determination of field pH and oxygen content.

Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR)

SPL offers Leak Detection (LDAR) services in every major basin through our 12-hydrocarbon laboratory locations. Let SPL’s experienced, professional, and dedicated FLIR-certified LDAR technicians mobilize to provide immediate leak detection services anywhere from the north slope of Alaska to the inner waters of Louisiana. Our unique emissions data management offerings also provide a best-in-class end-user experience.

Stack Testing

With over 31-years’ experience, more than 9,000 engines successfully tested, and a spotless safety record SPL is proud to guarantees total engine emissions compliance and we won’t leave your location until it has been reached. Our end-to-end support of engine testing includes noticing, planning, scheduling, and taking corrective action for engines failing to meet the required limits.

Certifications & Accreditations

ANAB Symbol RGB 17025 Testing Lab-Transparent Bkgr 233
SPL is a NELAP Accredited Laboratory

Stack Testing Accreditations

EPA Stack Testing Accreditations: method 18 (sampling), method 1 (traverse points), 3 (CO2), 3A (O2) , 10 (CO), 19 (NOx), 2 (Stack gas velocity flow volume rate), 7e (NO2).

NELAP Certification

SPL Environmental is accredited in the following categories:

  • Non-Potable Water – Extractable Organics
  • Non-Potable Water – General Chemistry
  • Non-Potable Water – Metals
  • Non-Potable Water – Pesticides – Herbicides – PCB’s
  • Non-Potable Water – Semivolatile Organics
  • Non-Potable Water – Volatile Organics
  • Potable Water – Microbiology
  • Potable Water – Metals
  • Solid and Chemical Materials – Extractable Organics
  • Solid and Chemical Materials – General Chemistry
  • Solid and Chemical Materials – Metals
  • Solid and Chemical Materials – Pesticides – Herbicides – PCB’s
  • Solid and Chemical Materials – Volatile Organics
  • Solid and Chemical Materials – Semivolatile Organics

Associations and Memberships