Specialty Gas and Liquids

Ensure total gas chromatograph accuracy—and more precise field data—with SPL’s advanced gas blending services.

Because instrument calibration is the point at which accuracy begins, access to reliable gas blending and the standards it yields is always mission-critical. Our customers get on-demand gas blending expertise and operational support nationwide.

Some of the industry’s leading operators trust SPL to help them:

  • Ensure reliable and repeatable gas chromatograph accuracy
  • Optimize process controls and minimize field measurement risk
  • Achieve regulatory compliance
  • Prevent avoidable instrument downtime
  • Bring unbiased, third-party credibility to gas blending standards

SPL has made key strategic acquisitions of some of the industry’s leaders in the field of specialty gas blending. And our customers can leverage this expertise when faced with a demand for:

  • Online chromatograph calibration
  • Refinery gas mixtures
  • Gas monitor mixtures
  • Audit gas and liquid standards
  • Other natural gas and liquid mixtures for lab use

For more information, contact Ricky Rayon at rrayon@spl-inc.com or call (877) 775-5227.