Our Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability, environmental awareness and employee wellbeing are guiding principles at SPL. We also strive to have a positive impact on the industries we serve and the communities we operate in.

At SPL, making sense of measurements and data is in our DNA. As the world continues to ask for accountable and transparent sustainability practices, SPL is well positioned to help essential industries meet and exceed their communal and shareholder expectations.

In 2022, we affirmed our commitment to helping our customers meet their sustainability goals by launching an aggressive growth plan in environmental services to offer best-in-class wastewater, air quality, drinking water, and soil testing across the U.S.

Sustainability is aligned with who we are and what we stand for as a company. I look forward to SPL continuing its leadership in this important effort.


Jeff Hibbeler, President and Chief Executive Officer

“Sustainability, environmental awareness, and employee wellbeing are guiding principles at SPL.”

Jeff Hibbeler, President and Chief Executive Officer

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SPL is committed to making positive impacts on our industry and our planet. As dedicated stewards of our environment, we strive to make continuous improvements to our operations. From limiting waste by reducing sample size requirements, to eliminating atmospheric release of gases, we continue to do our part.


Our employees are the number one priority at SPL. Our most important covenant is that every one of our team members goes home safely to their families every night.



Our teams live in and are part of the communities where we work. SPL and our employees consistently look for ways to give back through everything from volunteering time to charitable contributions. Our team strives to help others and improve our communities. In the last year SPL employees have been able to volunteer with CASA of Conroe and the Ronald McDonald House of San Antonio in partnership with the American Petroleum Institute, the BLM, and other industry leaders.


At SPL, we hold ourselves to the high standards our customers have come to expect. We utilize state of the art accounting, field operations, and laboratory management systems to continuously monitor our operations. We perform annual internal audits and participate in numerous third-party audits to validate that we meet the criteria we and our customers have set.

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Environmental Stewardship and Monitoring

At SPL, “The Science of Sure” isn’t just a motto. It’s a mentality that each and every SPL employee embraces when they come to work. Our teams understand the significance and importance of being part of our customer’s sustainability journey, as we all work toward being better stewards of the planet. It is with this responsibility in mind that our teams ensure the hundreds of thousands of measurements going out the door each year leave our facilities with the highest level of quality and integrity around.

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Emissions Monitoring
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Environmental Consulting

SPL’s team of industry recognized experts are focused on assessing our customer’s needs and designing programs which allow them to fully characterize their environmental impact. We utilize advanced technologies and methodologies providing the information necessary to ensure our industry can responsibly produce, transport, and process oil and gas.

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