Turnkey On-Site Laboratories

Rapid certification analyses are key to keeping products moving at delivery terminals and production facilities across the world. Many times, there is not time to collect samples and send them off-site for analyses, but operators do not always have the internal expertise to develop an on-site laboratory. With decades of experience in developing state-of-the-art certification facilities, SPL has the unique ability to design, construct, and operate customer-owned, on-location analytical labs to meet product specification requirements.


Laboratories Design

With 13 laboratories across North America, SPL offers more than 1,500 unique tests, as well as multiple custom-designed and operated customer-owned analytical facilities. SPL can design facilities to meet even the most stringent certification and regulatory requirements.



SPL’s proprietary laboratory management system ensures samples are tracked from collection to reporting, quality standards are adhered to throughout the analytical process, and certificates of analyses are produced to specification.



Our flagship mobility application provides the customer with instant access to their certificates of analyses so they can keep their products moving.