Well Testing

Ensure accurate and reliable well test data that supports the allocation process, enables better reservoir evaluation, and improves field optimization.

SPL has performed over 250,000 well tests. We conduct well testing using a trailer-mounted separator or existing on-site equipment to determine:

  • Volumetric flow rate
  • Reservoir pressure
  • Gas to oil ratio (GOR)
  • Open flow potentials
  • Gas, condensate and water produced per day
  • Shrink factors

Gas and liquid samples are taken at the time of the test and sent back to SPL labs for analysis. The sum result of the well test and analysis enables our customers to:

  • Accurately determine payouts to royalty owners
  • Determine allowable production rates
  • Allocate products from central separation units
  • Develop improved methods of operations
  • Evaluate reservoirs
  • Design processing equipment

Our experts use the latest industry methods, operating under strict safety guidelines and QA/QC procedures—including compliance with API Chapter 20.1 guidelines.

  • 11,000+ wells tested annually
  • 25+ full well stream technicians
  • 55+ trailer mounted mobile separators
  • 2 high pressure mobile separators (10million+ cubic foot per day)